Hinged Doors

One of the Izopanel’s most assertive products is hinged cold room and store rooms are able to produce with all spesific sizes that you need, with the maksimum 100 cm entrance width.The case and wings has the same thickness as the panels that used. Surfaces can be produced with the same type of surface as the panel or different sections that you want.

With the usage of gasket according to the rules, we are offering totally impermeability without bacterial growth. The doors are produced with treshold or squeegees depending on the are of usage.While producing the sections for the case integration detaills are different. It can be in the same type as the wall panels or it can be integrated onto the walls or panels. The emergency exit handle ensures the door to be able to opened from inside when it’s locked from outside. And a cable with 25 watt/m resistance is used inside of the aluminium cases of frozen storage rooms. And the releasable cover allows users to able to change the resistance cable inside. The energy supply is 220 volts.